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Controller: FCU, KMDigital, 3R

The KMD-7101/7101C and KMD-7102/7102C are intelligent, programmable, 4 input/output direct digital controllers. Each controller is capable of independent, stand-alone operation or may be networked together with other controllers using the same peer-to-peer communications format as all other KMC digital controllers. The KMD-7101C and KMD-7102C include auto time reset after power restoration.

The KMD-7101/7101C and KMD-7102/7102C controllers were specifically designed for Fan Coil Unit applications and include factory programmed (canned) control sequences with descriptors. Factory programming provides options for 3-speed auto or manual speed control and time proportional or 2-position hot and chilled water valve control. The KMD-7102 and KMD-7102C also provide auxiliary heat control.

An additional programming area (area 5) is provided for user programs. This feature allows the controllers to be modified by the user to add special sequences in addition to the factory programming. Alternately, the factory programming may be removed to allow full use of all five programming areas in all controllers. This allows the controllers to be completely user programmable for unique control applications.

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