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FlexStat: 3R6A, CO2, Hum, Almond

The KMC FlexStat is a (B-AAC) BACnet advanced application controller and sensor in a single, attractive package that creates a flexible solution to stand-alone control challenges or BACnet network challenges in any size of commercial and industrial buildings.

The motion sensor has a range of over 30 feet, and built-in sequences include occupancy standby and occupancy override.
The BAC-13xxxx series, with a built-in CO2 sensor, uses Automatic Background Calibration Logic, a patented self-calibration technique designed to be used in applications where CO2 concentrations will drop to outside ambient conditions (approximately 400 ppm) at least three times in a 14 day period, typically during unoccupied periods. The BAC-13xxxx series, when properly configured, complies with CA Title 24, Section 121(c), as well as sub-paragraph 4.F. The BAC-14xxxx series is designed for zones with continuous occupancy. The BAC-12xxxx series can have a remote CO2 sensor connected to one of the external inputs. All models are available with three levels of Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) sequences when using applications with a modulating economizer option and an internal or external CO2 sensor.

BACnet over MS/TP communication is standard. “E” versions, with an RJ-45 jack, add BACnet over Ethernet, BACnet over IP, and BACnet over IP as Foreign Device (for communication across the Internet).


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