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Controller: General, BACnet AAC, 8×8

The BAC–5801 and BAC-5802 are native BACnet, fully programmable controllers designed for general purpose applications. Use these versatile controllers in stand-alone environments or networked to other BACnet devices. As part of a complete facilities management system, the BAC–5801 and BAC-5802 provide precise monitoring and control of connected points. The BAC-5801 and BAC-5802 are listed with the 9th edition of UL 864 (UUKL) for smoke control equipment. See the publications BACnet Smoke Control Manual and KMC Listed Smoke Control Devices and Support Documents Cross-Reference in the Documents section. Highlights include:

  • BACnet MS/TP compliant
  • Automatically assigns the MAC address and the device instance
  • Controls room temperature, humidity, fans, monitors refrigeration, lighting, and other building automation functions.
  • Tested and listed by the BACnet Testing Laboratory


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