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Controller: VAV FIU, BACnet AAC, 50 in-lb, 60 deg/min

The BAC-7000 series VAV controllers are BACnet Advanced Application Controllers designed for VAV terminal units. An integrated actuator and the supplied programs make these ideal controllers for single duct pressure independent or pressure dependent VAV terminal units. The BAC-7000 VAV controllers include the following features.

  • BACnet MS/TP compliant
  • Automatically assigns the MAC address and the device instance On-board airflow sensor for use with a single or multi-point differential pressure measuring station or pitot tube
  • Use to control single duct VAV, parallel fan, and reheat
  • An internal, easy-to-use air balancing program for air balancing technicians
  • No programming required
  • Standard applications configurable with any BACnet operator workstation

Application programs The embedded standard programs provide single duct VAV terminal applications for both pressure independent and pressure dependent (bypass) terminal unit applications. Pressure independent—KMC controls supplies the BAC-7000 series VAV controllers with the following pressure independent configurations.

  • Single duct cooling
  • Single duct cooling with parallel fan and On/Off or modulating reheat
  • Airflow balancing

Pressure dependent—The BAC-7000 series VAV controllers can be set up for the following pressure dependent (bypass VAV) configurations.

  • Single duct cooling
  • Single cooling duct with modulating or On/Off reheat


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