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Controller: AHU, BACnet AAC

The BAC-7301 and BAC-7301C are native BACnet, fully programmable controllers designed for small air handler units (AHU). Use these versatile controllers in stand-alone environments or networked to other BACnet devices. As part of a complete facilities management system, the BAC-7301 and BAC-7301C provide precise monitoring and control of connected points.
For RTU applications, see the BAC-7302 series. For FCU applications, see the BAC-7303 series. For HPU applications, see the BAC-7401 series.
Highlights of the BAC-7301/7301C include:

  • BACnet MS/TP compliant
  • Automatically assigns the MAC address and the device instance
  • Supplied with programming sequences for small air handler unit
  • Controls room temperature, humidity, fans, monitors refrigeration, lighting, and other building automation functions.
  • Tested and listed by the BACnet Testing Laboratory


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