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Tstat: Dual, DA/RA, Horiz F

NOTE: The CTE-5202 replaces the CTE-100x/110x series.
The CTE-1003 electronic thermostat is designed to be used with specific CEE/CEP/CSE/CSP-4000 series controller-actuators for con­trol­ling damper actuators and/or valves in HVAC systems. The ability to adjust minimum and maximum limits is at the thermostat rather than at the controller. This is a dual setpoint thermostat for heating and cooling applications. Several mount­ing methods are available.
An additional output is provided for control of optional KMC REE-4000 series relay modules. This 0–6 VDC output (T3) is not restricted by the minimum and maximum control points.
Cover construction allows for the setpoint indicator and thermometer to be either visible or concealed. Optional ac­ces­so­ries include an insert for concealing the window and stops to lock/restrict setpoint adjustments.
An optional XEE-4002 9.1 VDC power supply module can power the thermostat. Then the thermostat can be used (without the controller-actuator) to control a damper or valve operated by an MEP series actuator or to control other devices via optional REE-4000 series relays.
For similar thermostats with temperature averaging capability and altered proportional bands for fan box relay applications, see the CTE-1103 series.


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