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Sensor: Duct CO

NOTE: These models are being discontinued. See the newer and more advanced SAE-1111/1112/1162 models for replacements.
The SAE-1100 series detectors are designed to sense and transmit CO (carbon monoxide) gas levels to any compatible electronic analog control or DDC automation system for the control of ventilation equipment in industrial and commercial applications. Such information is crucial to demand controlled ventilation that ensures adequate indoor air quality while minimizing the energy costs of conditioning outside air.
The KMC SAE-1100 series environmental, industrial, and commercial indoor detectors are available in both space and duct mount versions. They are for use in any industrial or commercial indoor environment where accurate CO detection is required.
Features include:

  • Electrochemical sensing elements with range of 0–300 ppm and 5% accuracy
  • Field replaceable calibrated sensor module
  • Optional audible alarm (SAE-1102/1152)
  • Optional on-board relays with field-adjustable trip points (SAE-1102/1152)
  • Powered by either 15–30 volt AC or DC source with no change to circuit required
  • Choice of field-adjustable analog output signals, linearized over full range
  • Menu-driven configuration set-up and testing (using the IEI-1001 LCD Display Module)

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