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Transducer: E/I-P

The KMC XEC-3001/3004 E/I-P Transducer converts an analog voltage (E) or current (I) signal into a linear pneumatic (P) output signal for accurate positioning of damper and valve actuators used in HVAC systems.
The transducer is not a position sensitive device. It provides a direct output feedback signal for branch line pressure.
The unit can be powered by either 24 VAC or 24 VDC. Three selectable input ranges are available. The analog voltage signal may be either 1-5 VDC or 2-10 VDC; the analog current signal of 4-20 mA provides a 3-15 psi linear pneumatic output signal. A 1-5 VDC output feedback signal, proportional and linear to the 3-15 psi output signal, is provided. A gauge tap is also provided for pressure output indication. Standard 3.25″ Snap Track is supplied for mounting.
The XEC-3004 is the XEC-3001 module with a manual (H/O/A) override.
The discontinued XEC-3002 was the XEC-3001 module mounted in an enclosure. It is replaced by the XEC-3001 and an enclosure purchased elsewhere.
Application The XEC-3001/3004 E/I-P Transducer is used in HVAC systems to provide an accurate signal for positioning damper and valve actuators based on branch line pressure.

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