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Services We Provide

HVAC Installation
ATC is experienced in installations and service on any size and type of HVAC System.  From planning, designing, building, and installing, ATC can help you through the entire installation process.

24/7 HVAC Service
ATC offers 24/7 Emergency Service for the Mechanical or Controls on your HVAC System.  Need to place a service call?  Please contact our office and speak to our Service Department.

Preventative Maintenance
Preventive maintenance on existing equipment is a critical step toward the reduction of future HVAC repairs.  It is recommended that HVAC systems are maintained in the spring in preparation for the summer cooling season and maintained again in the fall for the heating season.

Our licensed technicians are capable of diagnosing issues with your current system, installing a replacement system, or recommending a new system to serve your facility.

Sheet Metal
ATC applies sheet metal applications including design, install, and service to ensure safe and adequate ventilation systems.

Air Conditioning
ATC is experienced in installations and service on any size and type of Air Conditioning System, from small ductless splits to industrial-sized chillers. We do not shy away from any project, no matter the size.

ATC’s Control Department consists of experienced Control Engineers and Programmers.  From pneumatics to digital systems control, ATC is the region’s top building automation and control specialists.

Energy Management
Energy savings can be realized through regular maintenance of equipment including cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils, filter changes, lubrication of fans, motors,  valve and damper actuators, and optimizing burner performance for boilers.