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Energy Management

It is estimated that 30% of the energy consumed in heating and cooling commercial and municipal buildings is wasted.  Here are some of the ways that ATC can help you recover wasted energy:

Building EMS (Energy Management System)

ATC designs, installs, and maintains building EMS using open source Tridium Niagara AX Framework and BacNet equipment.  Significant energy savings can be realized by using an EMS to schedule and control heating and cooling equipment.  Communicating and interfacing with the system is achieved through the internet using computers, tablets, or smart phones.atc-energy

An EMS reduces energy consumption by:


  • Individual rooms or areas of a facility can be heated or cooled based on a 365 day occupancy schedule.
  • Holidays, weekends, and scheduled days off can be assigned as unoccupied whereby room temperature settings can be adjusted to save energy.
  • Unexpected unoccupied periods such as snow days can be quickly and easily implemented in the system via the internet.
  • Overriding the unoccupied schedule for an individual room or rooms can be done on-site thru occupancy sensors or reset buttons.
  • Graphical user interface for ease of use.

Demand Control Ventilation

  • DCV is an energy savings measure that controls the amount of outside air to be heated or cooled based on the indoor air quality.  Rather than allow a fixed amount of air in based on the building’s maximum occupancy, CO2 levels are measured in the occupied space and used to control the volume of outside air.  Heating or cooling recirculated inside air uses significantly less energy that heating or cooling outside air.

Outside Air Reset

  • Outside air reset saves energy by reducing the maximum boiler hot water temperature based on the outside air temperature. During the coldest winter temperatures, the hot water is adjusted to the hottest temperature (±180°F) but as the outside air temperatures increases, in the spring for example, the boiler water temperature can be automatically reduced (±140°F) saving heating cost.  Chilled water systems can similarly benefit from outside air reset.

VFD- Variable Frequency Drives

  • Fans and pumps used for heating and cooling are designed to deliver maximum heating or cooling during extreme weather events.  Therefore, most of the time they run at full speed when partial speeds would suffice.  VFD’s are devices that can regulate the speed of a motor based on demand and significant electrical savings can result.

Maintenance Programs

All HVAC equipment requires proper maintenance to run at peak efficiency. ATC offers a variety of preventative maintenance programs  to suit the specific needs of a commercial or industrial facility.  Energy savings can be realized through regular maintenance of equipment including cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils, filter changes, lubrication of fans, motors,  valve and damper actuators, and optimizing burner performance for boilers.

Selecting High Efficiency Equipment

Improvements in technology has led to significant increases in efficiency for HVAC equipment including  condensing boilers, heat pumps, chillers, compressors, and ductless split systems.  Energy savings from the use of high efficiency equipment can add up significantly over time and offset cost.

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