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Controller: VAV, CCW Close, 50 in-lbs

The analog electronic KMC CSP-5001/5002 VAV Flow Controller-Actuators are pressure-independent combination controller-actuators designed primarily for use on variable air volume terminal units. Air flow is sensed by using a single or multi-point differential (velocity) pressure measuring station or pitot tube (such as an SSS-1000 series airflow sensor). Designed with an onboard flow-through sensor using twin platinum resistance temperature detectors, these models are capable of controlling a velocity setpoint from 0 to 3,300 fpm with an accuracy of 3%.
The CSP-5001 (CCW to close) and CSP-5002 (CW to close) offer full range flow control of VAV terminal units when used with CTE-5xxx room ther­mo­stats. Air velocity flow control limits may be set at the thermostat or internal to the CSP-5001/5002. The actuator section provides ad­just­able stops, magnetic clutch, and a gear disengagement button. Internal status LEDs indicate green for opening and red for closing.
Available control options include proportional or two po­si­tion electric or hot-water reheat, changeover, dual minimums, fan induction, dual duct, and automation interface.

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