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NetSensor: Temp, Humidity, Almond

A KMD-1181/1184 NetSensor is a wall-mounted, temperature and humidity sensing, programmable operator interface for use in a KMC direct digital controls system. The NetSensor allows easy, direct communication with the connected controller via a local access port. The NetSensor includes nine function keys, seven of which are programmable. The simple and functional design combined with its programmable functions allows for a wide variety of key assignments. Light almond color is standard. White is also available (at an extra charge for quantities less than 250).
For models with only a temperature sensor and no humidity sensor, see the KMD-1161/1164 series. See also the KMD-1183/1185 series (with a Mode instead of a Setpoint button).
Applications The KMD-1181/1184 NetSensor is designed for area temperature and humidity control and monitoring with the following controllers:

  • KMD-5800 series controllers
  • KMD-7000 series controllers
  • BAC-5800 series controllers
  • BAC-7000 series controllers

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