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NetSensor: Temp, Occ, Almond

NetSensor models KMD-1261 and KMD-1281 are wall-mounted, temperature and motion sensing, programmable operator interfaces for use in a KMC direct digital controls system. Model KMD-1281 includes humidity sensing.
The simple and functional design combined with programmable buttons make these models an ideal choice for installations that require temperature, humidity, motion sensing, and an operator interface in one unit.
Applications NetSensor models KMD-1261 and KMD-1281 are compatible with the following controllers:

  • KMD-5800 series controllers
  • KMD-7000, KMD-7300, and KMD-7400 series controllers
  • BAC-5800 series controllers
  • BAC-7000, BAC-7300, and BAC-7400 series controllers

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