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Controller: Unitary, BACnet AAC, Clock, MSTP

BAC-9300 series controllers are designed to operate unitary and terminal equipment. The integrated alarming, scheduling, and trending enable these BACnet Advanced Application Controllers to be powerful edge devices for the modern smart building ecosystem.
The factory-supplied programming covers common unitary applications. The controllers feature simple, menu-driven setup choices using an STE-9000 series digital sensor, which can be installed permanently as the room sensor or used temporarily as a technician’s service tool.
Alternately, quick configuration of controller properties can be done using NFC (Near Field Communication) from a smart phone or tablet (using KMC Connect Lite app) while the controller is unpowered.
To meet the most demanding building automation custom requirements, these controllers are also fully programmable. Custom configuration and programming, with wizards for application programming selection/configuration, are enabled by KMC Connect software and the KMC Converge app for Niagara Workbench.
KMC Converge and TotalControl software additionally provide the capability of creating custom graphical web pages (hosted on a remote web server) to use as a custom user-interface for the controllers.
Can be used with the following types of unitary equipment: Air handling units (AHU), constant air volume (CAV) with external actuator, fan coil units (FCU), heat pump units (HPU), roof top units (RTU), unit ventilators, and variable air volume (VAV) with external actuator.


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